What We Do

We create a lot of things for our clients, but more than anything, our goal is to create clients that have been transformed by what we create.


We take your investment in our solutions very seriously. We get that you want us to create effective tools that will have a real impact for your organization. That’s what we want too. The best way to make that happen is to make sure your goals are thought through from every angle, helping us plan the right solution the first time. For many of our clients, Strategy Sessions are helpful, and in many cases necessary, allowing us to collaborate with you to discover and define the best direction for your project.  Learn more about our strategy process.


Your brand is your promise to the marketplace. It is defined by a perception, good or bad, that your customers, members or prospects have about you. Our branding process includes defining an accurate perception of who you are to your target audience, and exploring ways to best position your organization to that audience. Once we discover and define this solid foundation for your brand, then we can go about designing your logo and visual identity that will communicate your brand effectively.

Website Development

We’ve been building some of the best websites on the planet for over 15 years. Our experience and expertise mean we know the best ways to get your online visitors to do the things you need them to do in the way they want to do it. Our user interface designs are both beautiful and user friendly, and we know which trends and technologies are the right ones to keep your site relevant and enjoyable. When you put all that together, we deliver a website that looks amazing, functions smoothly and energizes your organization.

Graphic Design

Great visual design creates powerful emotional connections between you and your audience. Simply put, our creative ability delivers instant credibility to your project. From logos to print collateral to website interfaces, our talented team can design anything, and our collaborative process will yield an amazing result for you.

Mobile App Development

Mobile device content delivery is not only the future of human interaction, it is the NOW of human interaction. Mobile device users continue to gain marketshare, and with it their expectations of your mobile experience continues to rise. We have responded to that demand by developing mobile apps that take advantage of the unique capabilities and opportunities that mobile devices deliver.

online marketing

The internet makes it possible for us to see how people interact with your organization.  Who is visiting your site?  What is your audience looking for?  How can we improve relationships?  We analyze how people respond to your content and use that information to generate meaningful conversations around your organization's  core messages. We use high powered online marketing tools that make it possible for your website to automatically convert prospects to actual leads and nurture traffic through the funnel.  Marketing automation, SEO, social media, and much more. 


People connect with stories. It’s ingrained in who we are and how we retain information. Videos use the power of story to capture our attention like no other medium can. It gives you the opportunity to craft how your story is told and perceived by your audience. We create videos that capitalize on this powerful ability to quickly convey your brand essence and move people to action. And did we mention that Google search results prioritize video content in rankings?

The LEARN phase is our discovery step which starts with listening to our clients, asking questions, learning about their industry and then listening some more. We want to help our clients clearly define the problems that they are facing so that our solutions are built with real results as the goal.

The EXPLORE phase is our brainstorming stage to determine how we can use design, communication and technology to help achieve the goals we defined in the LEARN phase. This is where we decide what types of solutions are the best fit for a specific client's needs.

The CREATE phase is where we begin to execute all the great ideas that came out of the first two phases of our process. Our designers and developers get busy flexing their creative muscles to produce the amazing solutions you are used to seeing from AM.

We pride ourselves on delivering on time and we know that organization and structure is required at every step of the process to make it happen. LAUNCH is both the finish line for the CREATE phase and the starting gate for the new solutions that we build for our clients.

We strongly suggest that the goals of a project are reviewed constantly and measured against how your audience is receiving and using the new solution.

Clients must regularly REINFORCE the presence and connection of the solution to their audience and make any tweaks needed along the way to ensure the long-term success of the project. Over time, this should lead us back to the LEARN phase to continue the process of engaging your audience in fresh ways.