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Passion 2012 Conference

Website & Mobile

Passion has been around since 1997 with a desire to see spiritual awakening come to the college campuses of the nation and the world. AM began working with Passion in 2008 on their '08 World Tour website. Since then Passion has trusted AM with the development and design of several website projects including the Passion 2010 and 2011 event websites as well as the 2010 World Tour website.

For the 2012 website, the client wanted to create a high motion NON-FLASH website that would still look great on non-Flash enabled devices like iPads and iPhones. We were able to add a lot of simple animation transitions that brought life to the site in ways only Flash could do in the past. A lot of people still think that these simple animations can only be done in Flash, but it's not true. Look at the site on your iPad for example to see for yourself! We were able to create high-quality video playback that worked seamlessly on traditional desktop computers and mobile devices.

The CMS for this site allows the client to add/edit/delete images, text, videos, speakers, event dates and more at any moment all without having to have web skills. We added a 'tell-a-friend' system that allows site visitors to share the event info with their friends, a critical process for a movement that depends on word-of-mouth and social networking to get the word out to the 40,000+ attendees of an event like this.

Project Components:
  • Website design & development
  • Content management systems
  • Email Invite System
  • iPhone/iPad friendly motion & video